THE JEWS: I  by F. W. Forster


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Although received late, this book seems too important to overlook. It is a most illuminating yet disturbing analysis and study of the attitude and treatment of Jews by Christians, and going back by Greeks and Romans, during two thousand years. In a thoughtful, persuasive introduction, Robert McAfee Brown of Union Theological Seminary shows why is entitled to a hearing from both Jews and Christians. He was a thorn in the side of the Nazi and he pleads a strong case for a sympathetic understanding of the ""majestic spiritual background of the Jewish past""- and terms his book ""a modest taken of personal gratitude for all that Christianity has received from Judaism"". He discusses the privileges and tragedies of God's people and of the great misunderstanding on the divinity of Christ. He describes with sadness inquisitions and anti-Semitism. His fervor and praise of the spiritual and moral aspects of Judaism come from a st and brave old Christian heart (he is past ninety). And he fears for the Jew who subordinates his Jewish heritage and faith for a materialistic and political goal. Demanding but rewarding reading.

Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Cudahy