WILLIAM TEMPLE: Archbishop of Canterbury His Life and Letters by F.A. Iremonger

WILLIAM TEMPLE: Archbishop of Canterbury His Life and Letters

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The life-story of one of the greatest Christian leaders of our generation is given in this biography written by a close friend and associate of the late William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury, chiefly by use of many of his letters. The story of the work and influence of this Christian statesman embraces many fields: education, social reform, politics, international relations, philosophy, theology and the ecumenical movement, as well as the work of the church in the narrower sense. It covers both world wars and the period between and it reveals a remarkable personality with varied gifts and interests. It is a book which not only throws light upon one great life, but upon the revolutionary upheavals which have shaken the world in the last forty years. The head of a notoriously conservative church and yet a ""leftist"" in his social philosophy and broad and liberal in his attitude towards other churches, there are few men who are more sorely missed than Temple. As a biography, as a story of the religious developments of the past forty years in England and in the world, this is a volume which should be widely welcomed.

Publisher: Oxford University Press