THE LIMITS OF THE EARTH by Fairfield Osborn


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A direct piece of thinking and writing which by-passes ideological discussion and focusses on the practical aspects of a world whose increase in population averages 75,000 a day while the increase in productivity lags behind. This repeats the grim forecast of Our Plundered Planet (1948- also Fairfield Osborn) and the dilemma this presents not only in terms of the hundreds of millions ""balanced on the starvation line"", but also in relation to the future security of America. To prove his point, Osborn draws from many examples both past and present, and shows that such events as the Fall of Rome and now the rise of the Mau Mau are the direct result of a failing agriculture in the face of a rising population. And unless we are willing to expand our program to assist backward areas around the world, we shall soon find ourselves pushed back within our own frontiers without adequate resources. ""We cannot delay or evade.... For now as we look, we can see the limits of the Earth."" An important issue, and an incisive presentation.

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 1953
Publisher: Little, Brown