THREE FACES OF LOVE by Faith Baldwin


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Something in between Faith Baldwin's early romances and later personal reflections, this traces the maturing of the marriage of Hope and Adam, through their own experiences- and those they share with their friends. Childless, after a first pregnancy ends dangerously for Hope, they are unprepared for the possibility of parenthood which surprises them ten years later. Hope at first rejects the idea, and Adam is afraid. Along with the birth of Emmy, they also share grief- as Dr. Emile, an older friend and adviser, dies, and a contemporary- Marty- has a hopeless cancer. Finally and again together they discover the third face of love- ""spiritual love"" after Adam is faced with a possible heart condition.... A sentimental form of marital metaphysics- for her well-established claque.

Pub Date: June 10th, 1957
Publisher: Rinehart