HARVEST OF HOPE by Faith Baldwin


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This is the fourth of Miss Baldwin's inspirational books and this one, like Testament of Trust is based on her column in Woman's Day. The pieces-precipitated by seasonal change -- are personal, but never really revelatory, autobiographical, but haphazardly and sketchily so. Format is intentionally loose. Prose is frequently off the top of the soul. But it is a rich, a giving, and a very Christian soul. What would be of most interest to her harshest critics is here implicitly. She expresses her desire ""not to add to the vast sum of human unhappiness by revealing our tensions, which always spread from us to family and friends and eventually affect everyone we meet and even those we never meet""...""I've never grown out of being a romanticist and a sentimentalist and I'm not sorry in the least"". Miss Baldwin is at her best when she comments simply and honestly on the supreme importance of communication between loved ones: ""Everyone in the world, in whatever environment he lives, rich, poor, young or old, can use a little more hope, a little more love and understanding. They aren't difficult to dispense."" She aspires to impart only one small gift to her reader. Even Time should concede that much.

Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston