THERE IS A SEASON by Faith Baldwin


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Longevity is not enough and two things must be said for Miss Baldwin's Continuing success in the field in which she started several decades ago; she has kept up with the times without rejecting them (situations; slang- modified; etc.) and she always has a somewhat purposeful intention to stiffen the spine of the lightweight woman's novel. This time it's the career choice of Ira Stevens Who has once studied medicine, then fought in Korea, and returned to shift to the ministry. Now once again he's in doubt, not only because he has fallen in love with Hetty, a nurse, who can't see herself as a clergyman's wife, but also because he questions whether he Can best serve others in this capacity. He works it out without turning his back on community problems and problem paris hioners-- or Hetty... Faith Baldwin has her conservative congregation-- it seems to be more than a wish or a prayer.

Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston