TILLY'S RESCUE by Faith Jacques


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Tilly, the wooden housemaid doll who set up her own miniature home in Tilly's House (1979), goes off here to find her friend Edward bear, who has promised to bring her a Christmas tree but is very late showing up. Tilly snorts at the dirty, littered streets, steals a ride on a shopping cart to get across the street, shoos off a much larger dog with her schoolmarm-like scolding, and resourcefully rescues the timid teddy bear when she finds him on a high shelf in the back room of a greengrocers'. All this is shown from tiny Tilly's viewpoint, with many shoes and legs at eye level and with the exhaust and whoosh from cars and motorcycles looming as terrifying perils. To rescue the bear she must climb on stacked produce as demanding as any rocky mountain. It's an old ploy, but one with built-in appeal for small children; and it's supported here by Tilly's sturdy resolution and the similarly solid qualities of Jacques' rounded, object-oriented paintings.

Pub Date: March 16th, 1981
Publisher: Atheneum