WATCH DOG by Faith Sullivan


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Canine haunting--in a bouncy, mildly scary thriller from the author of the fairly jolly Repent, Lanny Merkel Louise, mother of small Amy and Peter, has been ecstatically married to handsome Dr. Jack Andrews, a popular but highly possessive vet in Valley Falls, Minn. In fact, Jack's jealousy has always sort of turned-on the worshipful Louise--who gives up bridge club and career ideas. But then comes the terrible day when Jack is killed in a van crash. And through the first days of grief, the mysterious Dog arrives: the dog that Jack had asked Louise to adopt the day before the accident. Fido (of course) is a dignified, beautiful red setter--a faithful companion to Louise and the children, a courteous doggie to all the loving friends who rally round. But when divorced, sexy lawyer Ned Macrae starts hanging around, Fido snarls: at first he merely sits outside Ned's house. . . watching; then there's the murder of Ned's two pet squirrels. And when Ned is nearly killed twice by Fido, Louise remembers Jack's remark about ""killing"" any rival--and she begins to get the picture. So: will Louise continue making those breaks for independence--planning a business, sleeping with Ned--now that she knows that Fido is on the prowl? Well, she tries leaving Fido/Jack 100 miles away on a farm. But Lassie, we all know, is coming home--for a thunderstorm and mournful denouement (two canocides) before Louise is home free. With brightly pleasant people and a noble/savage doggie: fair amusement plus incidental chills.

Pub Date: March 28th, 1982
Publisher: McGraw-Hill