WRENN -- WISE CORRESPONDENCE by Fannie -- Ed. Ratchford


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The custodian of the rare book collections of the University of Texas has written a masterly introduction (running to some 150 pages) to the selection of letters from the famous correspondence between two great book collectors. She gives what is for bibliophiles a fascinating account of the friendship between the noted English collector who, towards the close of his life, became involved in one of the great scandals of the book world, and the Chicago collector, whose library (now the property of the University of Texas) grew largely as a result of an almost lifelong collaboration. In the course of this introductory material, one is given peaks into the world of book collecting, initiated into some of its basic principles, introduced to some of its members. The letters themselves will be primarily of interest to collectors -- but any lover of books and their history will find much of interest and enlightenment in Miss Ratchford's contribution, and her assessing of the aspects of the famous forgery case.

Publisher: Knopf