THE SNOW WALKER by Farley Mowat


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Part Arctic naturalist, part anthropologist, part raconteur and adventurer, Mowat has become over the years a gentle and persistent voice for The Snow People--Aleuts, Eskimos, Athapascan Indians of North America, Greenlanders, Lapps, Nensi, Siberian tribesmen, Yakuts and Yukagirs. In this collection of tales, Mowat treads softly into the lives of the Innuit and prefers to remain unobtrusively in the background of these simple stories of men like Malcolm Nakusiak, an Eskimo washed ashore among the shepherds of the outer Hebrides; he never saw his homeland again but became known among the Scots as ""the queer wee laddie who came out of the sea."" Though Mowat is a fine storyteller, the sort you would be glad to hear around some campfire of a winter's night, there is a quintessential sadness to his Arctic traveler's tales. If you listen closely they are, each and every one, ""fragments from the final chapter in a long dark odyssey of a people's journey to destruction.

Pub Date: Jan. 22nd, 1975
ISBN: 0811731464
Publisher: Atlantic/Little, Brown