GOD'S UNDERGROUND by Father George (as told to Gretta Palmer)
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This is truly a remarkable book, so startling in its revelations and implications that it will surely provoke wide-spread discussion if not controversy. It is the story of a Jugoslav Catholic priest and of his underground activities in dictator-dominated Europe during the latter years of the war. The first part of his experience has to do with anti-Nazi activities in his own country and later as a member of the Parisian militia in Slovakia. Father George was ostensibly an officer of the Partisans, but his real work was that of a priest secretly bringing religion to soldiers and to civilians. Later he was closely associated with the Red Army and as a Partisan officer was in and out of Russia several times. His disclosures of the very strong anti-communist sentiment both in the Red Army and out of it are quite surprising. This underground movement is spear-headed by the religious elements among the Russian people, principally Orthodox and Roman Catholic, according to Father George. The religious tolerance of the Soviet government professed today he declares to be a matter of expediency only and sooner or later the inherent antagonism of Communism and religion will become manifest again. He feels that the anti-communist group in Russia would have made common cause with the German invaders to overthrow the present regime had not the Nazis embarked upon their program of ruthless extermination of the Russians. This brought all Russians together in a common defense against the Nazis. He rightly emphasizes the disillusioning effect upon the Russian soldier of coming into direct contact with the non-communist countries which they had been led to believe were on an inferior level of culture and civilization. This is a book in which there is undoubtedly a mixture of truth and propaganda. But it is absorbingly interesting throughout and all who wish to understand the Russians should read it, but with discriminating judgment.

Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts