PITCH IN HIS HAIR by Faye L. Mitchell


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A pioneer story of Washington two decades after it became a territory tells of a boy's and a girl's wish to fulfill their ambitions. Fourteen year old Abby Connor is already settled near Olympia with her family when the Watsons, Mrs. Connor's sister and brother-in-law come to join them, bringing their adopted son Jack. Disgruntled at being away from his Kansas home and feeling generally unwanted, fifteen year old Jack is hard put to adjust, as is Abby, whose friendliness towards him seems to result in Jack's privilege to do the exciting things she wants to do herself- hunting, the trips to Olympia and so forth. But with learning her real desire, Abby is given the chance to go to school while Jack who loves the out-of-doors goes to sea to start his own fishing bushiness.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1954
Publisher: Doubleday