WAR CORRESPONDENT: The Story of Quentin Reynolds by F.E. Rechnitzer
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WAR CORRESPONDENT: The Story of Quentin Reynolds

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An excellent addition to both current history and vocational biography shelves, this fast paced story of one of the most colorful of the correspondents. Quentin Reynolds may not have the depth or perceptiveness of some of the journalists today, but no one can tell a better story. And one senses that this quality was contagious, and that his biographer has caught the germ. At times, the chronology is confusing, as the chapters shift from contemporary war pattern back to the steps up the the ladder which led him to his present enviable position as Colliers' war correspondent. One gets a good deal of the making of a newspaperman, whose interested was early focussed on field activities rather than mare desk jobs; one gets a great deal of the personality that has taken ""Quent"" into lots of hot water -- and out of lots of adventures with not too whole a skin. And one gets, also, a good birdseye view of history in the making. I found it good reading, and the final form will doubtless show smoothing off of the rough edges of what reads like hasty writing.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1943
Publisher: Messner