SCARLET PLUME by Feikema Manfred


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In the sequence of ""Tales"" (Lord Grizzly, Riders of Judgement, Conquering Horse) this is about Scarlet Plume, a Dakota Indian who can run faster than an anteope and kill a wildcat with his bare hands. He is also as virile as a Greek at Thermopylae. The other main character in this novel is Judith Raveling, an unhappily married young woman who had never known true love. After her settlement s attacked by Indians, her daughter raped and scalped, her sister bludgeoned to death, Judith escapes into the wilderness. She is rescued by Scarlet Plume who awakens her in every way, but their forest idyll ends when he feels he must return her to civilization.... The author, who may be remembered as Feike Feikema, has created one of the less noble savages with comic-strip overtones and some of the sequences are ludicrously lubricious. ""Hoka-hey"" he whoops. Conservatives won't.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1964
Publisher: rident