YUKON HOLIDAY by Felice Fieldhouse


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The story is a bit slow in getting under way, and the first part reads like a series of incidents, depicting life on the Yukon during long winters, rather than an integrated plot. The heroine, Frances Ramsey, has gone as teacher to a Yukon village. She has exciting and harrowing experiences, she rescues a starving man, she helps unravel a mystery that has baffled the police, she comes gradually to love the place, and the story has a warmth due to the generous qualities of the characters, and a gentle humor in the telling. A pleasant story for older girls, combining amusement and excitement, but lacking pace and sustained interest. The setting is beautifully handled, and Raymond Lufkin's illustrations are -- as always -- decorative and suggestive.

Pub Date: Aug. 7th, 1940
Publisher: Longmans, Green