A YEAR TO GROW by Felice Holman


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Reflections on being fifteen and ""shy and unsure"" in boarding school. . . where a roommate even more tense recoils from the slightest attention. . . and a gregarious girl fantasizes a romance for a drab teacher; where being ladylike is the only criterion. . . and the only teacher who understands and listens is fired; where a crush on a male teacher is not ""the something"" that will break the barrier between Julie and other people. . . but sharing the adornment of a deserted graveyard with a mental defective is. And when he dies. . . ""I had come to see myself as a real person in a real world, and bad loved and been loved, been bereaved, and had grown, with great pain and pride, in a sunny field of buttercups, and Queen Anne's lace, and dead children."" A brief, quite literal interior monologue that sports sensitivity like a slogan button--Carson McCullers manque.

Pub Date: Oct. 28th, 1968
Publisher: Norton