THE PAGEANT OF MEDICINE by Felix- Ed. Marti-Ibanez


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MD. a medical news magazine, dedicated to ""serve the interests of medical culture"" and designed for busy physicians with little leisure, was launched in 1957 under the aegis of Dr. Marti-Ibanez. Brief articles, a ""shorthand of ideas and concepts"" and also cultural insights and interpretations appear there-both to teach and entertain- and the best of these have been selected here for book publication. Many of them are of some literary, classical quality- and they range from gastronomy to psychosomatic disease, from travel to sports, from famous physicians to artists and writers, from women and children to sex and love, etc., etc. The collection is however only for doctors and medical men since the frame of reference is almost entirely within this branch of science. It is an obvious gift suggestion for patient to physician.

Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Cudahy