SISTER GAT by Felix ould


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The world is not ready for this novel yet, and never will be. What begins story about wistful nuns in their cloister, with pastoral emotions and flowering saintliness, turns into a solemn-faced sex riot with apocalyptical Mariolatry and sexual union with the Divine Spouse. In one scene of mass hypnosis the whole convent sees the Virgin Mary float through chapel, accompanied by rolling bursts of purple prose. The climate of hysteria which prevails is of course reminiscent of early recorded episodes (Huxley, etc.) during the middle ages, or the confessions of Maria Monk. Here, Lilith, a female spirit, takes the form of a cat, which sightly takes the form of an incubus, which in turn takes the form of Christ. The at causes madness, paralysis, fire, visions, attempted suicide, manslaughter, rape and onanistic dreams and thoughts which would make a nun blush. Readers too may waver between embarrassment and indignation.

Publisher: Lyle Stuart