DEMOCRACY AT BAY by Felix Somary


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Dr. Somary, A Zurich banker, Austrian born, is looked upon as an authority in the field of practical as well as theoretical political science. This book has already been hailed in Europe as comparing favorably with Tocqueville and Constant... It is a scholarly, concise and provocative ""diagnosis and prognosis"" --tracing the genesis of communism back to the French Revolution, weighing the causes and effects of wars in relation to laying groundwork for communism, and placing democracy against this background. His 20 laws of modern society compel attention, and his conclusion that Communism, based on force and without true political-economic substance for survival, may well crumble; that Democracy, faced with the need to enforce government to ensure its existence, may degenerate- this somehow lacks the sound reasoning that distinguishes the rest of the argument. A book for students of history and political science, rather than for the general reader.

Publisher: Knopf