ROMANTIC REBEL: The Life and Times of George Sand by Felizia Seyd

ROMANTIC REBEL: The Life and Times of George Sand

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George Sand is probably more biographized than read today. As a personality this generous hearted, vigorous woman exerts a strong attraction. This is a fine biography, avoiding the sensationalism her life so often provokes, indicating understanding, with full appraisal of the social and literary movements against which her life and work is set. An early marriage -- her search for greater emotional and intellectual satisfaction through de Musset. Then the second period in her life, when she sponsored and furthered the socialistic trends of the day, leading up to the Revolution of 1848, with Liszt, and Chopin among her intimates. Finally, the third period of gradual retirement. The picture of a forceful, many-faceted figure. An intellectual market.

ISBN: 1432568388
Publisher: Viking