CAESAR'S MANTLE by Ferdinand Malaser
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This begins where Hail, Caesar! (see page 74) left off. It covers ome of the events and background of Gertrude Atherton's novel, Golden Peacock (page 38), though it precedes most of it. Phyllis Bentley's Freedom Farewell! is definitely an earlier period. Non-fiction, more serious from the scholarly viewpoint than the others, this makes a definite contribution to the rounding out of the picture of the period between the death of Caesar and the ""coming of age"" of Octavius. The first part seems a trifle pedestrian and slow moving; with the Cleopatra advent, the text gathers impetus and color and moves with guste to the finale. Again the I. Claudius market, though this is not fiction, and should not be sold to those who want their history wrapped in sugar coating, or handled in a sprightly manner.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1936
Publisher: Viking