VERY LIKE A WHALE by Ferdinand Mount


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Very Like a Whale, really no bigger than a minnow, is a small comedy- commentary on life in and around London today. Young Mr. Mount handles the scene quite ably, even if he can't put a finger on a story line which is really the trouble with his book. Most of it deals with George Whale, 27, who has a job in a bank in which he couldn't be less interested (they tell him to pull up his socks and cut his hair); then there's his affair with Miriam which doesn't develop; and his father, a Minister, whose resignation is forced after an unfortunate night out in Germany; etc. etc. The title is from Hamlet and at the close of this, George realizes that ""to be the hero, that was surely the thing."" It would surely have helped to give this a little definition.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1967
Publisher: Weybright & Talley