FAREWELL MY HEART by Ferenc Molnar


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(Originally scheduled for early Spring publication --reported in bulletin 3/1) With a continental worldliness and inevitability, the odd and poignant story of an immediate, obsessive and last love. Told in the first person by the man, a journalist of fifty two escaping from Europe, here is his meeting with Edith, a dancer half his age, Edith who attracts him, devils him -- and hounds him... whom he avoids during the crossing to America, but reluctantly stays with when they arrive, until a first heart attack and the doctor's prohibitions of further relations drives her away...He marries a pleasant, older widow, to ensure his escape from Edith only to have Edith reappear. Deliberately, indifferent to death, he goes back to her and the relationship which kills him... A blend of the sentimental and the sophisticated which is subtly attractive. But not a book for the average public.

Pub Date: July 6th, 1945
Publisher: Simon & Schuster