MY FRIEND THE GARDEN by Fernand Lequenne


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In somewhat the sense that Elizabeth and Her German Garden leaves one with a philosophical approach to a garden, so does Fernand Lequenne's sympathetic book. And yet there is an immense amount of sound commonsense in his discussions of the steps by which a satisfying garden can be achieved. His focus is primarily on a kitchen garden, and he reluctantly concedes a few fruits, even some flowers for cutting and roses for enjoyment. But the main concern is with maintaining the right soil; a little modern science comes in handy but there is further advice, a good deal on transplanting, sowing, watering. There is a little ecology- a little chemistry-and a great deal on extending the garden activities and results around the year. An excellent translation from the French by Suzanne Taylor, without any attempt to Anglicize the content.

Publisher: Doubleday