INCREDIBLE MISSION by Fernande Leboucher


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In Marseilles, in 1942, Fernande Leboucher appealed to Father Pere Marie-Benoit, a Capuchin monk, to help her find her Jewish husband Ludwik who had disappeared in a camp. The priest not only manufactured a baptismal certificate and a ration card for him, but at Ludwik's request did so for others whom Ludwik helped escape (he stayed behind, ultimately to be sent to Auschwitz). Mme. Leboucher's courage faltered at times but prayer seemingly deflected the Gestapo who bypassed her apartment where she was hiding six Jews. In time the priest's position became too precarious and he moved on to Italy where in another Capuchin convent he was instrumental in saving thousands of lives. Yet another minor, inspiriting memoir and a benison on Pere Marie-Benoit who was once addressed as ""Father of the Jews.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1969
Publisher: Doubleday