JOURNEYS OF SEBASTIAN by Fernando--Illus. Krahn


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Without a word, Sebastian's personal vision leads lookers-on into flights of fancy that end near their starting points except for a change of perspective. Roundheaded boy looks at bee, bee gets closer and larger, then appears as a vehicle which boy enters for a joy ride through a habitable-looking flowery region; landing on a blossom, the bee-mobile refuels at the pollen pump before departing, leaving Sebastian wandering along a petal, only to come down to earth when a scissors snaps the stalk. When last seen, he (larger) is holding the same (smaller) flower. The procedure is more convoluted in the second episode: Sebastian journeys through a looking glass into a land of mirrors which reflect many angles of imagination. The last is a tale of tail-pulling that ends up closer to leg-pulling: his Seuss-like beast (the other end of the tail) wins a race and the loving cup is presented, also present in the last scene with a tail-like arm on each side. It's much easier to see than to describe, easier to apprehend than to explain. Simple black lines accumulate color as the fantasy gathers substance, and there may be just enough incidental actuality to make the projections reach out.

Pub Date: Nov. 4th, 1968
Publisher: Delacorte