MR. TOP by Fernando Krahn


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A trivial use of Krahn's talents--and a travesty of his trademark wordless, or near-wordless, strip. Mr. Top lives in bucolic isolation--atop a skyscraper. Once descended to the street (with some untoward happenings en route), he's hailed by a policeman-friend, presented with a whistle, and asked to watch the intersection for ten minutes. What ensues is a helter-skelter chase of some bank robbers through alleys, into the library, to the edge of the river--with Mr. Top continually blowing ""Peeeep!"" on the whistle. The loot is returned to the flabbergasted bank president--whereupon Mr. Top, taking only a cigar as his reward, goes up in smoke; and the whistle is returned to the oafish policeman--who ""forgot about the time."" Nickelodeon slapstick with a little dove-of-peace embellishment: from Krahn, a double disappointment.

Pub Date: Aug. 22nd, 1983
Publisher: Morrow