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FARM FLEET by Finn Coyle


From the Finn's Fun Trucks series

by Finn Coyle ; illustrated by Srimalie Bassani

Pub Date: Aug. 28th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-4867-1488-9
Publisher: Flowerpot Press

Young heavy-equipment fanciers can feast on this agriculturally oriented entry in the Finn’s Fun Trucks series.

Farmer Sandy introduces children to some of the heavy gear used to grow and harvest the produce that they eat. Following the same format as the other books in the series, Sandy observes that each machine has its own specific purpose and then challenges readers to guess its function. Featured equipment includes a tractor, plow, spreader, harvester, and baler. Each machine is named on verso and pictured opposite, with three key components labelled; readers are asked to guess what each one does. The page with the diagram then folds out to show the equipment at work, with an explanation of its use. The simple, utilitarian artwork is easily interpreted, and the book introduces some useful industrial and agrarian vocabulary. The fold-out flaps will engage readers eager to see the machinery in action. “A plow attaches to the back of the tractor. It turns the soil over so crops will grow tall and healthy,” for example. After presenting his farm fleet, Sandy, a white man with a gray beard, asks, “Can you guess what they can do when they all work together?” Answer: “They can grow all kinds of great food.” The simultaneously publishing Rapid Responders gives emergency vehicles the same treatment.

The lesson that a lot goes into producing the food we eat is a valuable one, and the trucks make it go down easy.

(Board book. 2-4)