CITY OF GOLD by Fiona French


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As in her generally praised Blue Bird (72) and King Tree (73) French borrows her style from the culture she depicts, and certainly these intensely colored ""stained glass"" representations would seem to suit what starts as a familiar morality tale about two brothers -- a kind and humble one who takes a steep, narrow road to the City of Gold in order to free its people from a fierce demon, and a vain luxury-loving one who chooses the smooth road and wayside pleasures and hopes to be made king. In the end French does veer from the expected course of implacable justice, with the wicked brother undergoing a change of heart and saving the other, whom he had been about to sacrifice to the demon. But without ever having vitalized the conventional theme in the first place, the story still comes off as even stiffer and more superficially medieval than the garish pictures.

Pub Date: Aug. 28th, 1974
Publisher: Walck