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by Fiona McLeod

Pub Date: Jan. 30th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1467882873
Publisher: AuthorHouseUK

McLeod’s memoir recounts decades of abuse at the hands of her father and husband before she discovered God and turned her life around.

The middle sibling of triplet girls, McLeod grew up in the small mining village of Auchinloch, Scotland. McLeod was 7-years-old when her father began to sexually molest her. To escape the misery of her home, McLeod married her longtime boyfriend, Alan. But Alan suddenly changed, becoming a nasty, abusive man who thought nothing of defecating in bed or worse. McLeod found herself right back where she started, enduring a miserable home life. In her retelling, McLeod only lightly touches on the sexual abuse, instead spending most of the time discussing the challenging financial aspects of her life. Ongoing issues with a sadistic female neighbor also pile onto the author’s suffering. McLeod’s plight is sympathetic. Nearly all her efforts to pull herself together and move forward seem to be thwarted by shoddy lawyers or helpful friends who reveal nefarious and even lethal intentions. When the author re-establishes a relationship with God, it propels her to make the changes she needs. Apart from basic grammar issues, spelling errors and a few instances of overwrought prose, McLeod relays her story in a straightforward, stream-of-consciousness manner reminiscent of diary entries. Many of the financial hardships will feel familiar and relatable to readers. But, as can be the case with memoirs, the exposition in the narrative sometimes falls flat, resembling a debriefing. Additionally, the religious elements of the memoir stop just short of adopting a proselytizing tone, which may dissuade the broader readership this book might otherwise have found.

An inspirational tale that travels the road back from hardship and abuse.