THE HERETIC by Fitzroy Maclean


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A full-scale life of Tito opens as many windows to political interest and historical research as its closes the doors on speculation and legend which- in the Jugoslav leader's case-multiplied over the years. The biography's true service is not along the lines of revelation- there is nothing in the grim sense to reveal- but it gives substance to the man, identifies him with normal human traits, records his education, observes the way he conducts political affairs, and in short allows one to think about him and make evaluations. The author served as Churchill's representative to the Partisans, and by far the book's fullest and most solid sections deal with the guerrilla tactics and the equally internecine conflict with Mihajiovic. Maclean is needlessly intruding bits of personal experience with Tito, he is generally weak on psychological points, but the biography will surely prove welcome to any student of international affairs.

Publisher: Harper