FLY AWAY HOME by Fjeril Hess


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Another postponement from Fall- see report P. 457. ""Tables are turned this time, and it is Petey who is leaving the ranch to go East and see a new way of life, and Brenda Coleman who is going to be the one who knows her way about and can teach Petey what city life is like. Instead of tenderfoot on a ranch, this is ranch girl in the big city -- and even city young people, who think they know New York, will find lots of information worked into the story (sometimes too obviously) which will be new to them, as well as to Petey. A budding romance between Brenda's reticent older brother and Petey almost upsets loyal Duke when he comes East for the rodeo, but it all turns out in the right way. The kinds of things girls in their early teens would went to know about traveling and visiting in New York are many of them there; perhaps the market will be largely for them. As a story, it is a little contrived for Fjeril Hess.

Pub Date: Feb. 18th, 1947
Publisher: Macmillan