THE THIRD KING by Fletcher Pratt


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An assertive account of medieval Denmark which follows the course of the ""time of uproar"" in lively fashion and which portrays Valdemar as the man of the hour. From the disorder of the middle ages, this extracts the feel and color of the times, illuminates the progress that brought power to the northern states and made of the country an efficient nation, the first ""modern"" state. There is the break up of the ""sea castles"", the increasing strength of the navy, the use of marriages as political levers, the importance of Jutd, and the patience, dedication and firmness that were the secret of the ""third"" king's genius. A history told in lyric terms, this is a lusty saga of the skjoldung kingdom, which if its subject matter does not have a wide appeal, its telling should.

Pub Date: Jan. 26th, 1949
Publisher: William Sloane