THE NAVY by Fletcher Pratt
Kirkus Star


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E. S. McCawley, expert on mariner's libraries says: ""To my mind this is the top. For the first time, a history that is readable on every page. The traditions of the Navy from its founding to the present -- they are all there, and the spaces between the high spots do not lack for interest. Vivid pictures of outstanding personalities, 'shot by shot and tack by tack' descriptions of early ship and fleet actions. Almost one listens for the catchword -- 'Time marches on'. The author is an authority, he knows his subject. I've read many from Academy days on, but if asked for a personal opinion would say thisis THE history. The market is unlimited -- both as reference book and for general reader, and for the boy who wants the curse taken off American history. Give this four stars and an anchor!"" -- 'Nough said?

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran