ELEVEN GENERALS by Fletcher Pratt


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Originally scheduled for January 24th publication, this is repeated from the December 1st bulletin as follows: ""These profiles, seven of which appeared in the Infantry Journal, are centralized in the introduction as a 'partial picture of the American military tradition through the stories of some of the men who built that tradition'. These eleven, all battle commanders, all on the aggressive, and all believers in the fire power of the attacking infantry, are shown through the campaigns and battles in which they figured. From the Revolution- Nathaniel Greene and the misjudged 'Mad Anthony' Wayne have been selected; from the War of 1812, Jacob Brown and Richard M. Johnson; from the Civil War, Buford, Sheridan, Wilson and Thomas, Rock of Chickamauga; from World War I, Summer-all, who restored the relationship of infantry and cavalry,- and from World War II, Vandergrift of the Marines and Omar Bradley- 'the ablest soldier in any service'. If chiefly for a professional market, concerned with the somewhat technical and tactical, these presentations of figures shown and neglected are also direct, dramatic and forceful.

Publisher: William Sloane