KING REMEMBERED by Flip and Penelope Ortner McPhee Schulke


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An easy-to-read account of the life of Martin Luther King and the history of the civil rights struggle which he led. The text is accompanied by more than 100 photos. This is the authors' second book on King. In their preface, they explain that following their first. . .""each of us has had many opportunities to speak about King and the civil rights movement to students from elementary school to college level. We are often dismayed to find that many younger people--both black and white--do not understand the importance of King's contribution. They know that, somehow, he was a 'great man.' They do not know why: It is both a tribute and a tragedy that many of King's achievements are already taken for granted. In many places in the South, an entire generation has no concept of the extent of the segregation King encountered and eradicated."" King Remembered is neither a full-fledged biography nor a complete history of the movement that ended legal segregation. It is a simpler work than either: a text designed to be easily absorbed by students and others who have little knowledge of the nation's recent history. With its many photos, King is well designed to attract the television generation.

Pub Date: Jan. 27th, 1986
Publisher: Norton; Pocket Books--dist. by Simon & Schuster