SOME LOSE THEIR WAY by Floise Liddon


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Winner of Sliver Medal, Thomas Jefferson Southern Award, this is more popular in appeal though not so good a book as the winner, Mr. George's Joint. The story of English Adriana who comes to Alabama in 1835 with her actress mother, member of Sol Swenn's company in Montgomety. The mother has an accident and Adriana steps into her place, becomes the tosst of the town, and -- with Barrell Taber -- escapes an Indian up-rising. She becomes his mistress, then quarrels with him and marries Boyd Brandon, heir a plantation. Tabes's shadow stands between them and almost precipitates the crash of their marriage. But ultimately, Adriana returns to Boyd and realizes that he is her man...Romence, vencered with history, sidetracking that worked out well.

Publisher: Dutton