DECORATING FOR YOU by Florence B. Terhune


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Here's a good basic book for the homebuilders (amateur) who cannot have a whole library on matters of interior decoration. What to do -- why -- and how -- techniques -- background (briefly dramatized by then and now sketches) -- and constant stress on the importance of making a plan and following through. Periods of decoration, with today's application; how to approach the personal problem of budget, family needs, possessions already in hand how to visualize ahead where furniture should go. The sections on color seem to me more technical than the average market for a general book of this kind can take, but perhaps I am wrong. The information on color is particularly good, and should stimulate study as well as interest. Fabrics -- walls -- floors -- curtains -- slip covers -- lamps -- accessories -- the needs of different sorts of rooms --the care and upkeep of your furnishings and equipment. There's a brief glimpse into the future; a series of tests to give yourself which make the book of educational value; bibliographies connected with each section of the tests; a glossary of terms -- and an index.

Publisher: Barrows