BEAUCHAMP by Florence Bowes


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New York's young Holly Douglas begins her career in hotel management by flying off to England, where she's been hired to turn Beauchamp Castle into a commercial enterprise (sightseeing tours, overnight accommodations, tea-room, etc.). But: will True Love be waiting in England for Holly, who yearns ""for that man who can arouse all the clichÉd romantic feelings. . . to make love with a depth of passion I've never known in my twenty-three years. . . ?"" Well, the owner of Beauchamp is Lady Elizabeth Bromley, and her son is sensual painter Brian--whose heavy seduction moves arouse Holly's libido but not her heart. (""She was drowning in his savage kisses, forgetting caution."") On the other hand, while Holly's heiress-cousin arrives to distract fortune-hunting Brian, Holly pants for local vet Dexter, a Leslie Howard type who remains somewhat aloof: ""He loves me! He does! she cried silently, fighting back the tears. But he's denying it!. . . Why? Why?"" Is it because Dexter's late wife was a deceiver? Is it because Dexter is, as it turns out, a super blue-blood? Or is it--horrors--because he has impregnated tea-room manager Sheila Never fear. Holly will not only get Dexter; she'll meet the Queen, attend the Charles/Diana wedding, and preserve her principles throughout. (""I'm of this new, so-called permissive generation but not with, or in-tune, with it!"") Somewhat enlivened by scenes of riding and tea-room crises: limp formula romance from the author of Interlude in Venice, virginal yet dotted with some obligatory almost-hot stuff.

Pub Date: March 4th, 1983
Publisher: Doubleday