COOK IT IN A CASSEROLE by Florence Brobeck


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Casserole Cookery by the Tracys (Viking) made a convert of me two years ago, and I've avidly collected recipes for casseroles ever since. Recently, with ration limitations, with little or no butter, cream, sour cream, etc. I've found many of those recipes too luxurious for today's kitchens. Now comes this new casserole book, with the war stringencies in mind:-non-rationed foods, sugarless desserts, vegetable, seafood and cheese dishes, fruit dishes, pastas, eggs -- not too much emphasis on butter and cream, and judicious use of meat in combination with other things to stretch the points There are chapters on things to serve with casserole dishes,-salads, beverages, desserts. There are soups many of them to be prepared en casserole, meals in themselves. There's a section on chafing dish suppers, which made me wonder what I'd done with the one I'd had at college. There are recipes for salad dressings, sauces, etc. Lots of ideas-and I'm trying them out weekends from now until Winter closes down.

Publisher: Barrows