EFFICIENCY EXPERT by Florence Converse


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It is hard to analyze the magic of this superb narrative poem, in which the problems of the present day world are caught in cryptic phrase and dramatic scene. Through the slight thread of a young technician, faced with the problem of the human eqitation as opposed to the new machine, Miss Converse gives us a powerful study of modern life. Parts of this notably Bread Line -- appeared in the Atlantic Monthly. Soviet Russia inspired Epistle of Soviet Russia. The urge to rationalize religion and science and the inadequacies of social structure produced Gospel Message. The Night more of Efficiency is one of the most stirring sections. One cannot pick it apart, however. It is an amazing creation, timely, challenging, poignant, dramatic. Don't miss it, yourself. Have it read by your staff. And then cull your list of clients, and draw it to their attention individually. It may strike a chord of sympathy and get a good press. But don't let it fail, where you are concerned. I found it thrilling. I hope you will, too.

Pub Date: March 29th, 1934
Publisher: John Day