BORROWED BROTHER by Florence Crannell Means
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Jan Pratt, a sixteen-year-old only child, envies her distant cousins, the Averys. For their's is a lively, large family and their bustling home in Colorado Springs seems to Avery a panacea when compared to her orderly but quiet Boulder home. When she and her cousin Molly agree to exchange homes for a month, Jan is delighted, particularly because her feelings about her cousin Mark have taken a decidedly romantic turn. Baffled by Mark's moodiness, she does not learn until she is ready to leave, the reason for his depressions. But despite her concern over Mark, it is a lively time for Jan, who, while making a happy adjustment to the Avery home, learns to appreciate the advantages her own family offers. She returns home, enriched and happy, particularly because Mark, freed from his moods, promises that he will come to visit her even if he has to ""hoof"" it all the way"". Florence C. M, author of Reach and other popular teen-age novels, writes of American family life with a warm , turning day to day incidents into dramatic situations without sacrificing ver.

Pub Date: Sept. 19th, 1958
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin