THE GOOD MRS. SHEPPARD by Florence Cummings


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A fairly antagonistic heroine -- Laura -- whose public life, of sweetness and light, and child guidance, is at variance with her marriage to Henry, by whom she has had two children, but for whom she has too little use or affection. When some of her frustrations spill over into her outside world, Laura learns that her doubledealing aim for personal limelight backfires and that it is Henry who alone can save her. The obstacles she has to face -- in a school board election where she is to manage the campaign for Dr. Booth (who, when he learns her plans for his election are invalid) -- are an affair, cold and selfish on her part, with a young doctor, the candidacy of an old bean, and her own problem of using men as weapons and keeping her public face a mask for her private beliefs... The dissoultion of a woman, in not too pretty terms, this is formfitted for women readers.

Pub Date: Aug. 29th, 1950
Publisher: Crown