THE ESKIMO HUNTER by Florence Hayes
Kirkus Star


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An excellent adventure and background book telling of life among the American Eskimos, written by a woman who lived among them and learned to understand and like them. A stimulating story of Kaboong, eager young Eskimo starting out with his own new rifle to take his place as a man in his tribe. One catches the sense of tension, of fear, of reality, of triumph of beginnings. The first whale, walrus and bear hunts are thrilling; the struggle with the elements and starvation are unsentimentally and graphically handled; reindeer ice-cream, exciting parties, family and school relationships are freshly treated. One gets a sense of white people as strangers here with their withdrawn, asocial ways and incomprehensible attention to time in a vast, timeless night. An unusually fine book, by the author of Hosh-Ki, the Navaho (1943). Sets a high standard for books of this type.

Pub Date: Aug. 27th, 1945
Publisher: Random House