SKID by Florence Hayes


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The story opens in a Negro school in Georgia, just before ""Skid"" inherits the captain's sweater from Sam, who is going north and quitting school. Then Skid's world is shattered. His family, too, are going north, to give him a better chance. The bus trip up- over-emphasis on the changes as the line between south and north is crossed- the thrill of New York (and again stress on different standards, in restaurants and so on) -- then Connecticut, and the freezing out process in the public school, where Skid is the only Negro -- all this may serve a purpose as read by white boys and girls. But aren't the Negroes going to resent it, realistic as they may know it is? Aside from its ""social significance"", its a good enough story of a boy winning his right to a place against odds. And there's enough baseball in it to delight young fans.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin