ALLAH: The God of Islam by Florence Mary Fitch
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ALLAH: The God of Islam

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Miss Fitch has made a remarkable contribution to not only children's literature, but inter-faith understanding in her previous books: One God which is the story of the three great religions of America, and Their Search for God in which the religions of the Orient are discussed. This book, concerned with the beginnings, contributions and beliefs of Mohammedanism, again shows evidence of careful scholarship and most important, a hearty respect for the diverse paths by which men worship. Christian and Jewish children as well as their parents will be interested in the close relation of the teachings of Mohammed to the teaching of Moses and Jesus. Indeed the great religious leaders of the Old Testament and Jesus are honored as Prophets, of which Mohammed is the last, the ""seal"" and ""people of the Book"" were given special privileges by the order of Mohammed. The author reviews the life of Mohammed, the teachings and beliefs centered around the Koran, practices of prayer, fasting, the pilgrimage to Mecca, and other acts of faith, the ""Holy Wars"", Laws, Moslem social structure, culture and the arts, and Islam today. The spread of Islam, the Crusades, and the religious clashes today are treated with tact and above all, a strong emphasis on positive values and a common humanity. Handsome format with plenty of excellent photographs to catch the young reader's eye. This series is a must for everyone.

Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard