PAUL AND THE LAW OF LOVE by Florence Michels


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The question with which the author is concerned here is that of the relative place of law and freedom, structured norms and the spontaneity of the Spirit. The problem is approached through a careful study of the writings of Paul, with close attention to significant passages in the Pauline epistles. Although Paul seems to take an antithetical position with respect to the Law, yet the author finds an inner consistency in Paul's view of love as possible within the essential freedom of the life in the spirit. True righteousness is not the product of man's effort, and yet it cannot exist in the absence of that effort. A concluding chapter traces the roots of this Pauline position back to the Judaic roots, especially that of the Covenant relation between God and men. This study is well documented, clearly written, judicious in tone. Its orientation should make it especially helpful to those concerned with Christian education.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Bruce