AS FAR AS THE YUKON by Florence Page Jaques


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Glimpses of Florence Jaques as botanist must have occurred in her previous books, but the emphasis was on the life of the wilderness and her husband's passion for birds. Now comes an equally alluring book devoted in the main to her own passion for wild gardens, those memory gardens that cannot be taken away as place and time recede. Here was yet another extraordinary trip, built around Lee Jaques' yen for odd survivals of railroads and the call of unfamiliar wilderness. To the Yukon via Texas (where she ""collected"" glimpses of wild gardens of yucca and cactus); on to California with its golden gardens-monkey flowers, mariposas, poppies; along the coast playing the wildflower game, to the Northwest and the Rain Forests of the Olympic Peninsula. Then the inside passage to Alaska, a visit to the Mendenhall Glacier, to Skagway and a brook garden, to an Alpine garden at White Pass, and the bluebells of the Yukon. The wild trip through British Columbia and the famed Fraser River. Bits then about railways, particularly the P.G.E. from Squamish to Quessul and via Canadian Pacific to Lake Wapta. No Jaques' book is complete without a canoe trip, so there's a final section on the Delta Marsh and the Waterfowl Research Station, and the wilderness trek along the border between Minnesota and Ontario, which made its contribution to the garden collection with an island garden of moss and lichens. A fascinating book for nature hobbyists and travelers in odd ways.

ISBN: 0548448124
Publisher: Harper