BANANA TWIST by Florence Parry Heide


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Jonah Krock is one of those kids who thrive on TV and chocolate bars--much to the chagrin of his health-food-and-fitness parents; and this summer he's filling out an application for boarding school, writing high-falutin' nonsense in hopes of a fall admission--each boy gets his own refrigerator and TV. He's also trying to avoid Goober, a new neighbor who misinterprets a momentary confusion and thinks Jonah's fixated on bananas. Jonah mischievously compounds the error--and the interest--by pretending to be the janitor's son, and Goober, another fast-talker with oddball tendencies, goes on and on about Jonah's ""flagrant symptoms"" and different-wave-length sensibility. Although the humor will leap right over many kids' heads, the story is brisk, cute, and given a boost by the total twist of an ending.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1978
Publisher: Holiday House