THESE ENTERTAINING PEOPLE by Florence Pritchett Smith


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Mrs. Smith would not go along with whoever said that the gourmet is only a glutton with a brain-- she is an impassioned epicure and she believes that food is more than Just a stimulus to the tastebuds. ""Your sensuous reactions to food will awaken dormant feminine reactions."" After a floral introduction, in which the modern woman ""with a can opener"" is reduced to a slouch, she assembles a great many menus, and recipes, by courtesy of Mrs. Winston Guest, the Countess Crespi, the Marchioness of Blanford, the Duchess of Windsor, etc. The dishes are just as high toned and assume you have experience (""Make ordinary brioche dough without sugar"") if not staff and there's a good deal about luxurious table settings and wines and everything elegant. An imperious snob item for those who go to ""breakfasts at a debutante ball"" or ""black tie dinners in warm weather"" -- not cookouts.

Publisher: Macmillan